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Strengthen democracy by participating in it

If you're like us, you're alarmed by the deterioriating health of our democracy.

You want to do something useful -- something with real impact -- but you don't know where to begin, especially now that we're faced with the COVID-19 pandemic.

For us, the answer was to start by gathering our friends.

We started a Democracy Club, and you can, too.

What is a Democracy Club?

A Democracy Club is a group of friends who gather regularly to help each other stand up for democracy and civil rights in ways that add up.

Like a book club, but for democracy!

As a Democracy Club, we multiply our political impact while staying positive, energized, and connected. 

We're at a pivotal time in America's history. It's people like us -- your friends and ours -- who will change the course of our democracy story.

When we look back on this time, we'll be proud to know we didn't just watch and worry -- we stood up and took action to defend democracy.

We want you and your friends to feel this same sense of pride and positive impact, so we've written a free guide so you can start your own Democracy Club today!

Why a Democracy Club?

It's effective.
Worrying and following news headlines doesn't change anything. Democracy Clubs focus on concrete action and real impact.

It's energizing.
Experience the deep satisfaction of participation -- knowing you're making a difference. We brainstorm, share ideas, and inspire each other to keep going. 

It's sustainable.
We used to meet monthly in each others' homes, but now our Democracy Club meets weekly via Zoom and keeps in touch via group text. You and your friends can choose what works best for you.

It's fun. (And we all need more fun right now.)
Let’s face it, these are challenging times. We need to bring joy to each others’ lives. Meaningful friendship. Feeling part of something bigger. Plus laughter and support. Democracy Club provides all these things.

Download our guide, How to Start a Democracy Club, for ideas, instructions, and links to resources.

What kinds of things can Democracy Club do?

Democracy Clubs are meant to be flexible and effective no matter what your political experience, work status, geographic location, or educational background.

Here are just a few things a Democracy Club can do together:

Download our printable guideHow to Start a Democracy Club, for step-by-step instructions and links to resources.

Who we are

We're not a company, organization, or political campaign. We're a group of friends from Portland, Oregon who came together out of concern after the 2016 US election. We had no idea what to do, but we wanted to do something.

We decided the best way to strengthen our democracy was to participate in it. To our amazement, we discovered that people all across the country were doing the same thing. Thanks in part to the work of people like us, the 2018 midterm elections were a sweeping victory for Democratic candidates.

As we turned our attention to the 2020 election, we wanted to create a way to stay politically active while living busy lives. The idea for Democracy Club was born, and we've been meeting and taking action ever since.

Get started now

Our printable guide, How to Start a Democracy Club, contains step-by-step instructions, ideas for activities and links to resources.

Imagine what we can accomplish together. Download the free guide and start a Democracy Club today!

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